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Coastal Treatment Center is an in-network provider of integrated treatment services that specializes in health problems that are brought about by substance abuse. We offer our patients a 30-day treatment program for almost all substance abuse disorders. We focus majorly on helping employees that face challenges in their various workplaces as a result of drug and substance abuse. Coastal Treatment Center focuses on attaining its mission of becoming a valued partner regarding the battle against substance and drug abuse health challenges among employees, employer groups, state and local government entities, employee assistance programs, hospitals, HR departments and the entire community.

We offer our services through a safe, highly efficient treatment plan that is designed to provide our clients the healing, insight, resources, skills, and knowledge required to get them out of the yolk of substance abuse. We guarantee all our patients a safe return to their workplaces in 30 days while they are clean and sober.

According to a survey report that was released by the United States Department of labor, about 67% of the surveyed HR professionals said that they believed that addition caused by substance abuse is among the most challenging issues that they face in their businesses. The following is the statistics that was contained in that report regarding the problems that companies undergo as a result of addiction and substance abuse among employees.

  • Absenteeism was rated at 62%
  • Missed deadlines were found to be about 31%
  • Lack or reduced trustworthiness showed a 39% rating
  • Reduced productivity was at 49%
  • A rise in healthcare costs gave a 29% rating
  • Negative effect concerning the firm’s external reputation was at 32%


The above results were obtained from a survey that involved 1300 HR professionals nationwide. The United States Department of labor also highlighted the most common signs and symptoms of addiction. The following are some of the released signs and symptoms that indicate that a particular employee is suffering from drug abuse.

  • Poor or drastically reduced concentration
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Reduced productivity
  • Inconsistent work output
  • Carelessness and increased mistakes
  • Unauthorized and unexplained disappearance from the job place
  • Disregard for safety measures
  • Judgmental errors
  • Extended lunch and break periods
  • Early departures
  • Needless risk taking


Our facility boasts various amenities that specialize in different functions to implement our services quality and speed. Our facilities include an on-site pharmacy, a 24/7 on-site medical personnel, various soothing holistic treatment therapies such as massage, Cold laser, meditation or Yoga Pavilion, and Biosound bed. We also have more amenities such as ultra-private location, comfortable dining areas, group and individual counseling, dietary chef-prepared meals and 24/7 chauffeured transportation to and from Coastal Detox.

Our 30-day treatment program is divided into three phases across all our amenities. Every patient requires to go through all the stages to gain complete treatment that would allow him/her to regain her healthy lifestyle.

Phase 1

This service is offered in our medical detox and takes 1-14 days. It involves a thorough examination of our patients. We have a highly trained team of staff that is responsible for providing a personalized detox program that depends on the patient’s examination report such as history, the substance of choice and specific needs. Our exceptional team of doctors, therapists, nurses, behavioral specialists and CAN’s are tasked with the duty to help the patient to eliminate anxiety, discomfort, and pain with compassion, care, and dedication.

Phase 2

The second treatment phase involves residential treatment, and the performance requires 2-3 weeks of compassionate service. During this treatment level, our master-level experts ensure a close working environment with the client with the aim of determining their weaknesses and strengths. They also frame a customized treatment procedure that is tailored to the needs of each patient. Some of the services that are delivered in this phase include Group and individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, Trauma Psychoeducation therapy, wellness groups and GORSKI Relapse therapy.

Phase 3

After discharge from Coastal Treatment Center, every client is tasked with a modified aftercare outpatient treatment program such as a referral to a reliable in-network outpatient addiction treatment procedure. The discharged client can also be offered an AA/NA Community Support Programs that is located in his or her hometown. The discharged patient is also encouraged to join an outpatient plan for 1-3 nights in a week that takes 3-6 months. This program goes along with AA/NA meetings that are conducted to help the client to keep on developing lifelong recovery from addiction and substance abuse disorder.


See what makes Coastal Treatment Center stand out above the rest.  

    • On-Site pharmacy
    • 24/7 on-site medical staff
    • Individual and Group Counseling
    • Nutritious chef-prepared meals
    • Healthy snacks and juices available 24/7
    • Spacious bedrooms with personal 40" LED TV's and pillow top mattresses
    • Comfortable dining rooms
    • Relaxing living areas with big screen LED TV's
    • Lush outdoor Zen garden with peaceful waterfalls
    • Ultra-private location
    • 24/7 chauffeured transportation to and from Coastal Detox
    • Wide variety of soothing holistic treatment therapies such as:

    • Chiropractic
    • Massage
    • Far Infared Sauna
    • Biosound Bed
    • Accupuncture
    • Cold Laser
    • Meditation / Yoga Pavillion

Help associates and employees suffering from addiction get the help they need to recover and return to work