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At Coastal Treatment Center, our pride lies in being able to provide effective substance abuse treatment so that working class clients can return to their jobs within 30 days. Being discharged from Coastal Treatment Center can be a rewarding milestone to reach. Although we are certain clients will leave with improved physical, mental and emotional well-being, the battle is not yet over. Clients must still remain afloat and try to have consistency by adhering to our professionals' suggestions.

Clients who are returning to the workforce are highly encouraged to take part in our outpatient program. It includes enrolling in an outpatient treatment program and joining an NA\AA Community Support Program near the client.

What Are Some Job-Related Risks Of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse has the ability to affect employees and co-works to a much greater extent than some realize. The behavioral patterns associated with substance abuse may lead to any of the following:

  • Inconsistent work performance
  • absence from work
  • conflicts and disputes
  • Loss of trustworthiness
  • Company reputation damaged
  • Injury to self or another

Substance abuse has a domino effect. Employees who have succumbed to any of the above attributes as a result of substance abuse are at risk of harming their reputations not only within the company. Future prospects may question their credibility based on past experiences. Therefore, future prospects and connections may have no sound reasoning for hiring or interacting with such an employee.

For example, many companies worry about the cost of employing someone who could become injured on the job or cause damage. In addition to avoiding costs, employers prefer consistency, positive interactions, and other attributes that will improve, not harm, their business.

In the end, professional and financial stress are often known causes of weakened familial and social relationships, not to mention one’s own emotional and psychological stress.


What Are The Benefits Of Outpatient Programs When Returning To The Workforce?


Outpatient treatment programs can be ideal compared to inpatient care for a number of reasons. The first is flexibility. We know that in the real-world people have to work for a living, and our clients are no exception. Even though it may seem that rehabilitation entails spending months in isolation at a facility, it's not feasible for some. Taking respite for rehabilitation is unquestionably ideal, but some simply can not afford to interrupt the flow of everyday life to recover.

The outpatient care program is typically a 3 to 6 month span that includes having appointments 1 to 3 nights each week. This allows ample time and flexibility to work and live life.


A second benefit is the cost. Being an outpatient means you're functional enough to live on your own, so fortunately, there is no need to spend money on housing, meals, supervision and the other accommodations that entail living at the facility. It's a stark contrast to simply visiting 1-3 times a week.


Another advantage is the opportunity for growth. Outpatients are still be able to acquire income and build stability at a job as opposed to dealing with the many problems that might arise from being out of work.

Furthermore, newfound well-being and availability will foster stronger bonds between patients and their family and friends.


What Is Coastal's Optional Enhanced Aftercare Treatment?

Highly motivated individuals may find this addition to an already effective regimen just what they need to kick-start their professional life. Enhanced Aftercare includes the following advantages:

  • One of Coastal's Certified Addiction Counselors will be making accountability calls once or twice per week to ensure that the employee continues the treatment plan.
  • Enhanced Aftercare also includes the implementation of FDA approved Vivitrol, an extended release injection that helps curb the desire for opiates and alcohol during recovery.

Substance abuse can take a toll on one's professional life. Even though someone may undergo a 30-day regimen (which includes medical detox and residential treatment), there is still the risk of relapse. To avoid the detrimental effects in one’s professional life, we recommend considering Phase III the most important step in recovery.


See what makes Coastal Treatment Center stand out above the rest.  

    • On-Site pharmacy
    • 24/7 on-site medical staff
    • Individual and Group Counseling
    • Nutritious chef-prepared meals
    • Healthy snacks and juices available 24/7
    • Spacious bedrooms with personal 40" LED TV's and pillow top mattresses
    • Comfortable dining rooms
    • Relaxing living areas with big screen LED TV's
    • Lush outdoor Zen garden with peaceful waterfalls
    • Ultra-private location
    • 24/7 chauffeured transportation to and from Coastal Detox
    • Wide variety of soothing holistic treatment therapies such as:

    • Chiropractic
    • Massage
    • Far Infared Sauna
    • Biosound Bed
    • Accupuncture
    • Cold Laser
    • Meditation / Yoga Pavillion

Help associates and employees suffering from addiction get the help they need to recover and return to work