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Upon completing the detox phase of our program, our patients receive continuing education and support to facilitate their recovery. What’s more, we offer them the pleasure of doing so in our private, friendly, and comfortable living environment. During the second phase, medical treatment continues on our premises, which offers many amenities and additional services to our patients. The second phase of our program includes a 2-3 week residential program to properly guide our patients toward a successful recovery. We equip our patients with the education, support system, and counseling they need to return home and to the workplace both clean and sober.

During this 2-3 week stay with us, our master clinicians will work closely with each patient to create a differentiated plan for each patient. Our staff will carefully evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each individual patient and create an ongoing recovery program that establishes new habits, coaches patients to face challenges outside of our clinic, and empowers patients for long-term self-guided success. These individualized treatment plans help our patients understand the implications of their addictions and promote a responsible, healthy recovery.

During this second phase, our facilities provide patients with all that they may need to alleviate the challenges of recovery. Patients have access to a 24/7 medical staff on-site in addition to an on-site pharmacy. We offer individual and group counseling services, and additional amenities including chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, acupuncture, meditation, and yoga. Nutritious meals and snacks are prepared and provided by our expert chefs. Patients also receive spacious bedrooms with personal televisions and comfortable pillow-top mattresses. Our facility also offers transportation at all hours throughout the week. Our establishment strives to provide the best comforts possible to our patients to help promote relaxation and self-focus. Prioritizing the experience of our patients is of utmost importance to us as they progress from one phase to the next in our program.

Our residential treatment program empowers patients to build foundational steps to regulate their recovery and prepare for long-term success. Multiple services and treatment options are available depending on patient needs. Upon your evaluation, our clinicians will help you select the best options for your personal recovery needs. Each of the following therapeutic services are available to guide our patients to a sober life.

Individual therapy sessions offer patients personalized attention with our trained therapists.

Through individual therapy sessions, our patients receive the tools to process their past addictions properly, strategies for improving damaged relationships, and motivation to continue working for lifelong healing.

Group therapy sessions lead by trained counselors establish a support system among patients and staff, allowing members to share ideas and experiences on the road to recovery and help each other during each of their journeys.

Cognitive behavior therapy helps patients identify patterns of self-destructive actions and formulate new strategies for problem solving that patients can apply to everyday life.

GORSKI relapse prevention equips patients with an arsenal of strategies to recognize triggers and appropriately handle challenging situations and environments upon release without resorting to substance abuse.

Dialect behavioral therapy is the gold standard method for enhancing patient capacity to handle all scenarios by finding healthy solutions and eliminating causes of potential setbacks.

Wellness groups grant our patients access to facilitated learning sessions to build additional healthy habits. Groups focusing on healthy eating, exercise techniques, and even problem-solving skills are all available to assist our residential patients.

We also offer AA and NA meetings to coach our patients and provide a network of ongoing support. These meetings can serve as a foundational step for patients to later seek continued services through these groups in their local communities.

Trauma psychoeducation therapy is also available for patients whose life experiences have gone untreated and may have indirectly triggered their addictions and substance abuse. Through guided counseling, our patients will be able to make peace with traumas that contributed to the formation of unhealthy coping strategies in the past.

After 2-3 weeks of residential addiction recovery, we once again carefully evaluate our patients and ensure that they are prepared and confident to transition to the third phase of our program. Once completing the residential program, patients are cleared to return home and continue outpatient treatment. Our ongoing outpatient services help patients to continue using the tools that they have received through our program in order to ensure a successful transition back to everyday life.

As a healthcare organization, we extend our services to employers interested in providing our unique recovery program for employees struggling with an addiction problem. Our carefully crafted services cater a plan specific to each patient’s needs, and the best part for our patients is that they can get back to work in just a month’s time. Taking the right steps to recovery is a brave choice. We want our patients to feel respected and cared for, empowered with the confidence to return back home and to the workplace with ease.


See what makes Coastal Treatment Center stand out above the rest.  

    • On-Site pharmacy
    • 24/7 on-site medical staff
    • Individual and Group Counseling
    • Nutritious chef-prepared meals
    • Healthy snacks and juices available 24/7
    • Spacious bedrooms with personal 40" LED TV's and pillow top mattresses
    • Comfortable dining rooms
    • Relaxing living areas with big screen LED TV's
    • Lush outdoor Zen garden with peaceful waterfalls
    • Ultra-private location
    • 24/7 chauffeured transportation to and from Coastal Detox
    • Wide variety of soothing holistic treatment therapies such as:

    • Chiropractic
    • Massage
    • Far Infared Sauna
    • Biosound Bed
    • Accupuncture
    • Cold Laser
    • Meditation / Yoga Pavillion

Help associates and employees suffering from addiction get the help they need to recover and return to work