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What Are The Advantages Of A 30 Day Rehab Program?

According to the available data on addiction, about 23 million Americans are struggling with alcohol and substance addiction. About one-third of that population is suffering from dual-diagnosis. There are also over 14,500 rehab centers in the country, which offer different programs. You can join any of the rehab centers if you are struggling with any addiction.

The majority of the people want a program that is affordable and effective. The 30-day program is the most popular program. It is intensive enough to help you with recovery. It has impressive success rates, too. It offers you 3-5 days of detoxification, individual and group counseling, and aftercare. In this article, we look at the advantages of the 30-day program in detail.


The Advantages Of The 30 Day Program

Remember, a program is good if it has what it takes to be effective. It is also as good as the attitude of the person. When you make that decision to join the program, it means you are ready to start your journey to sobriety. Do not be tempted to stop the program, finish it for full benefits. In case you need support, always contact the rehab center for further help.


Most Insurance Providers Cover It

Payments play a major role in people’s decision to join a rehab center. This is the most comprehensive program that insurance providers cover. They realize that it offers all aspects of the journey to sobriety. Though it needs to be followed by robust aftercare, it gives patients a chance to escape addiction completely.


It Sets You On The Path To Recovery

It can work for people with mild addiction, too. You don’t have to wait until you hit rock bottom. Join the 30-day program today. The program will play a role in the rehabilitation process by beginning the recovery process. Rehab centers are not the same; you have to evaluate the suitability of the program. Ensure that the facility has the staff, tools, and equipment to conduct thorough screening. Proper testing will guide the staff throughout your journey towards recovery.


It Gives You Enough Time To Complete A Detox Program

Proper detox will last about a week. Some rehab centers can do it in 3-5 days. However, the whole process is dependent on your screening results. Nevertheless, a week is enough to flush out drugs from your system. People with a dual diagnosis require specialized care, preferably in a hospital setting. After detox, your ability to resist drugs and substances will improve with each passing day.

Alcohol addiction is different from smoking. It is also different from narcotics addiction. Each level of dependence requires a different approach. Therefore, you need to go to a facility that has qualified personnel. You also need quality counseling and proper monitoring.


The Short Duration Is A Motivation Factor

FMLA covers the 30-day programs as medical offs. They are also quick enough for people who have family and friends who depend on them. Unlike the 90-day programs that are a little bit longer, the one-month program is short enough for people on a busy schedule. The motivation levels remain high throughout the program.

Also, choose a program that you will complete. The 30-day programs have a higher completion rate than extended programs. Completing a program is one thing, but continuing the care is mandatory if you care about your long-term sobriety.


They Are Flexible

The results are always commendable. The one-month program is enough for you to transition to the next phase of independence. However, the clinic staff can recommend an extended stay if your outcomes are below par. This is common if you have health complications that require monitoring. However, this is rare, and it happens to people with escalated drug and substance abuse. That is why you should not wait any longer. If it is your loved one, friend, spouse, parent, child who is suffering, help him or her to check into a facility.

The facility should help you transition to aftercare programs such as AA meetings. This is encouraged for all levels of addiction, as the primary focus is to avoid relapse. The goal should be a transition to full recovery where you can inspire others to seek help.


The Cost Is Modest

The 30-day programs have cheaper rates than 90-day programs. You can use insurance to keep the cost in check. Talk to the rehab facility about payments if you have any problems raising the money. Do not wait for tomorrow before seeking help. There are many emergencies related to drug use every day in America. You never know when things will escalate beyond your control.

Every day you spend without seeking help gives the drugs or substances a chance to ruin your body. Most drugs cause serious health problems such as liver, brain, kidney, and lung damage. Don’t let the situation get worse than it is already.


Sober Living Environments

A 30-day program will separate you from aggressors and stressors. It will help you map out some of the things that make you vulnerable to drug or substance use. It gives you enough time to acclimatize yourself to sober-living.

It also includes regular counseling and training. The majority part of the 30-day programs revolves around managing your body, which is a critical part of rehabilitation. Therefore, these extensive program reviews your life inside out to understand things that can ruin the good progress.

The 30-day programs can be useful in preparing you for long-term sobriety. They are also suitable for detoxification. On top of that, they are relatively cheaper, motivating, and they give you a chance to sample sober living communities.

We are always ready to help. We have the experience, tools, and expertise to make the rehabilitation process complete. We understand it is a difficult time for you, and that is why we are here to help. Call us today 866-754-9113 to join our 30-day program.