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Beginner’s Guide To Alcohol Rehab

The right time to seek alcohol rehabilitation is today. Getting the help you need is nothing to be ashamed about. Anyone could fall into a cycle of alcohol abuse. It happens everyday, but you can move forward to overcome addiction with the right help. Rehabilitation can put you on the path to a bright future…

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Maintaining Employment While Going to Rehab: What You Need to Know.

There is a common misconception that most individuals seeking rehabilitation services for drug and alcohol abuse are either homeless or unemployed. In fact, statistics show that 76 percent of individuals seeking treatment are stably employed. The decision to enter treatment can be daunting and the thought of losing one’s job while engaging in treatment can…

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Can You Go To Drug Treatment Without Missing Work?

It’s always good news when someone suffering from an addiction makes the decision to stop using. Unfortunately, far too many addicts look for what they feel are good reasons not to get help. It doesn’t matter if the reasons are viable or attempts to justify not getting help. It’s still a significant problem when someone…

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