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Reasons Why Your Boss Would Want You To Go To Both Detox And Treatment Together

You may wonder, like many others, whether your boss would receive the news about your need for treatment, positively and not get angry. You might even worry that you’ll only be able to get the detox process without the treatment program. Getting help for your addiction problem and keeping your job are both very important to you. So, which do you choose? You could choose both. “Believe it or not, there are several reasons why your boss would want you to go to both detox and treatment together.

Here we’ll explore some of the most common reasons why bosses prefer you go to both programs together.

Bosses Need Your Skill Sets or Knowledge

Many bosses hire their employees due to the skills or knowledge they can bring to the table for their employment team. If they hired you, there’s a good reason why. You have something they need. Your need for detox and treatment may not be their ideal situation to deal with, but it would surprise you to know how many bosses will allow it. Especially when that means you’ll come back refreshed and ready to get back to the job.

To illustrate this point, let’s say you have experience running die cast machines, or you are a great leader. If an employer needs that experience to gain profits or build a business brand, they’ll be glad that you’re getting the help you need. This way, the employer keeps a good employee with the right work skills. As a bonus to them, treatment will get you back on the job better than ever.

Bosses Use Timing as a Part of their Decision

Sometimes timing plays a part in their decision to encourage you to get both done together. Most employers know the basics of how treatment programs work. Getting detox is a great short-term solution to the problem, but eventually, you will need more to beat your addiction.

Having you gone for a short period for one and then another length of time, later on, could be inconvenient for their operations. By having you get help now when it works out timing-wise, they can eliminate issues in the business later on.

Your Boss likes Well-balanced employees vs. Short-fused employees

Most likely your boss knows the outcomes of not doing them together. Doing the detox process helps beat the addiction temporarily. You will need treatments to ensure you stay on track and learn how to face temptations that come your way. Coming back to work after having only been to the detox process, will only make you a little more unstable.

Your addiction may not be readily present, but without the coping skills for everyday situations, you’re likely to become short-fused which will cause you to not work well with the rest of the team. If you continue on and get the necessary treatment, you’re better equipped to handle everyday issues, which is one step toward becoming a well-balanced employee.

Your Boss Promotes a Safer Working Environment

Drug or alcohol abuse on the job is not an uncommon thing. It happens more often than not. One of the important jobs an employer has is to make sure their employees are working in a safe environment and all proper precautions are being taken. To have someone performing certain tasks, when they could be under the influence of an addiction, is dangerous for some companies.

Your boss will want to know that you’re taking all the necessary steps to become addiction-free. That means attending more than just a detox program. Knowing you’re taking part in an intensive treatment plan will help ease the concerns they would otherwise have.

Bosses Like it When You Are Honest With Them

You may have had a good work record until some unfortunate things took place in your life. Maybe you turned to drugs or alcohol to cope with the feelings you were experiencing. Then your work performance declined and your record isn’t as good as it once was. Your boss could consider letting you go due to the consistently poor work performance.

However, if you’re upfront with them, letting them know about your addiction problem could be a game changer. Now, your boss knows why you haven’t been working as well as you used to. Letting them know you want to pursue detox and treatment to beat this addiction, so you can get better will help in most cases. Bosses show flexibility more often with those who are upfront and honest about their situations. Show them you’re taking responsibility and they’re more likely to work with you.

Your Boss Can Learn the Benefits of Both From You

For the employers, that don’t know or understand how treatment programs work, having you explain it to them will help. Don’t assume your boss knows everything about it. While some may have a basic idea, others might know nothing. Take some time going over at least the basics of the treatment process with them, so they can grasp your situation better.

Give them some information on how your program will work and find out what they think about the situation. You’re not required to tell them every detail about your addiction or treatment process, just give them enough information to help them understand. Give them information like:

  • What specific programs you’re looking to get into.
  • How long the programs will last, approximately.
  • What topics you will learn that could help you perform better in your job position.

You shouldn’t discount attending a detox program and treatment plan together because of your fear of not having your job afterward or being able to keep your position. As you can see, there are many reasons why bosses would want you to go to detox and treatment together. We only touched base on a few of them here. Don’t let fear prevent you from getting the help you need to get your life back on track. Your boss might just surprise you and be more understanding or they may know someone else who’s been through the same as you.

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