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Lessons Learned From Attending An Inpatient Rehab In Florida

I remember the day my world fell apart. I struggled with drug addiction for five years before getting help. I ruined relationships, lost my job, and hit rock bottom. While most of my family members turned their backs on me because of my behavior, there were a few who cared enough to push me in the right direction. I checked into a drug rehabilitation center in Florida, and my life changed forever.

Making that first step was the hardest. I didn’t want to face the fact that I had a problem. I thought if I just kept going on about my life that eventually it would go away. The point is that the issue took over, and it controlled me. My drug of choice started out as hydrocodone from a back injury. However, when the doctors cut off my supply, I began turning to the streets to help with the pain. By the time I checked myself into rehab, I would take any drug I could obtain.

I think part of the reason why it took me so long to get help is because of all the preconceived notions I had about rehab centers. Pictures of people screaming in pain in padded type cells flooded my mind. I also was very concerned about the intense detox process and how it would make me feel. I had nowhere to go and no one to turn too. I was broke and homeless. How did a college graduate with a great job end up at this place?

Making the First Step Into Recovery

I called a few centers in our local area and found one that fit me and my needs. I walked into that office broken and depressed. Not only did they help me clean up, but they also had a psychiatrist and medical teams ready to assist. I was so scared, and not knowing what was on the road ahead just made everything even more frightening. Yet, I felt a sense of calm and that I was doing what had to be done to save my life. They told me the first week would be the roughest, and they were right.

Detox wasn’t easy, but I had massive support. There were people there to hold my hand and to give me a cold cloth for the sweat on my brow. Fortunately, detox only lasted a short while. It was the cravings and putting my life back together that was real work. I learned a lot about me. For instance, I didn’t know that I had a history of depression, anxiety, and a mood disorder. The medical team feels that this contributed to my addictions. I looked for ways to dull the pain without even realizing that I was trying to treat a medical problem. By getting these medical conditions treated, it helped me get on the right path for the future.

Peers and Staff Became Family

The peers in the rehabilitation program became my family. Remember, I had alienated most of my family members due to stealing, drug use, and outlandish behaviors. It must have been hard for them to watch their loved one self-destruct, and they were unable to do anything about it. I learned that I could not go back and change the past, but I can alter the future. My peers were a constant source of support. Their stories made me feel that I was less of an outcast. I realized I wasn’t alone. When I was having a hard time, one of them was at their peak. Reaching down for others through this period of healing was what the program was all about. I would have never made it without my peers.

One of the biggest things I learned is that this is a journey and you don’t arrive at a destination. I used the 12 Step Program to help me stay grounded. I had to realize that there are things I cannot change, and I must accept a new reality. The counseling the center provided was the most valuable. For the first time in my life, someone listened to me without judging or complaining as I spoke. I looked forward to my one-on-one sessions. My counselor became a friend. We would laugh, acknowledge my progress and identify goals for the future. Not one time did she ever make me feel “less than.”

Looking Clearly at The Future

When I left the intensive inpatient program, I wondered why I waited so long. I feared something that changed my life. I must continue my out-patient counseling and support groups. I am an addict and relapse are a real threat. However, armed with the tools I learned in the center, I can face each day confidently knowing that I am someone and an asset to society.

It was as if the storms in my life rolled away and the sun was shining. I just needed help. It was something that I could never do alone. Not only did they help me through detox and with goal identification for the future, but they gave me tools so that I don’t ever have to go to that horrible place again. I have a network that I can reach out too when I feel weak, and there is always someone just a phone call away.

I got a good job, I have an apartment, and I am living life to it’s fullest. Do I still get cravings for drugs when life is stressful? Sure, I wouldn’t be an addict if I didn’t have a drug problem. The difference is that I no longer use it as a coping mechanism in my life. I use my support network, medical team, and all the other resources to ensure I am a success story. I love me! If it wasn’t for that group of specialists in that Florida rehab center, I might not be where I am today. Sadly, I may not have been alive to tell my story.

If you are in the same place that I was, I want you to know there is hope and help available. Call now to see how a rehab center can change your life. Someone is standing by ready to start you on the journey, 866-754-9113